Licensed Custodians

The Flatbook Exchange Administrators are Licensed and Regulated Banks and Custodial Service companies. They are responsible to perform the following duties as and when due:


1. On-board you as their client after performing all due diligence, KYC and anti-money laundering checks on you.

2. Accept your deposits and hold your funds in a custodian bank account.

3. Credit your live account with your funds.

4. Quickly and easily process your cash withdrawals when you make cash withdrawal requests.

5. Provide you with good technical support where necessary. 

LIVE trading can be accessed through the following regulated Banks and Custodial service companies:



The Flatbook Exchange trading process


1. From the Products section of the platform, structure a trade ticket.


2. Send the structured trade ticket to the Exchange Room (This then makes you the "Seller" of the Contract).


3. The General Exchange Room contains all the structured trade tickets that are sent by Sellers. The Personal Exchange Room contains only the structured trade tickets you sent to the Exchange Room.


4. The "Buyer" is another Client who decides to take the opposite side of your trade ticket.


5. In order to have a more complete understanding of the platform process, we recommend that you register two separate demo accounts and then log in two separate instances to observe how the buying and selling actions would work.


Tick value of the Flatbook currency pairs

0.01 points for JPY pairs and 0.0001 points for other currency pairs.


Digits of the Flatbook currency instruments

Currency instruments are quoted in 3 digits format for JPY pairs and 5 digits format for other currency pairs. 


PIP Value of the Flatbook currency instruments

The pip values are exactly thesame as the standard pip values of other Spot FX trading platforms.


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